#165 Boring morning

A short while ago I started an Instagram account, where I planned to post 3×2 black and white pictures from my life. The idea was to use pictures more or less direct from the camera. Now I think – why Instagram? I have my own place here…

This is a picture from the other morning. I had a few moments over, as I was waiting for a colleague. At first I was just sitting there in my car, but the I realized I had my camera in my bag. Got out and shot some casual pictures. Linköping city was waking up to a grey and rainy day. The rental bikes were still parked outside the library, waiting for new riders.

Now that I think about it – this was the first time for a long time I felt creative and found pictures in an otherwise boring morning. And it was real fun. Of course – not pictures that will win any prices – but they were fun to shoot. Then, five minutes later, my colleague came and the moment was over. But it was fun. I must do it again soon…


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