#166 Why I use Leicas


I have written about this topic before in different posts. Recently I have watched a lot of videos about cameras and listened to other photographers views and ideas. I have done so instead of taking pictures my self. Sadly. But I hope this will change as the spring, and with it the light, returns to Sweden. The Pandemic is of course another reason. Hopefully there is light in this tunnel as well.

I love my cameras. I am not one of those photographers that claims they doesn’t care about the camera – only the picture. The camera is only a tool…and so on. It is probably true for them – but not for me and I believe that we all are entitled to have our own truth in some aspects. Photography for me is all about a process. I am not only in it to get the perfect picture to sell to a client or a magazine. If that were the case I would probably have a different approach to this. 

There are a lot of videos on Youtube where different cameras are compared in different ways. Often are pictures taken with different cameras shown side by side and then we are supposer to guess which is taken with which camera. New cameras are coming out all the time and pictures are shown that has been shot with the new camera. But honestly; whats the point of all this? Given that all pictures can be edited afterwards – whats the point in comparing different cameras? I believe that most modern cameras can produce good images for us amateurs, who often is the audience of these videos. Again – if you are a professional it is another matter, but I doubt that professionals are choosing cameras based on videos on Youtube. 

My choice of camera has altered over the years. I started with black and white analogue photography in the 1980:s. I had SLR cameras up until the mirrorless Fujifilm X-cameras came around 2012. Since 2016 I have used Leica rangefinders, parallell to my Fujifilm cameras. My latest setup for photography is; a Leica M-P 240 for everyday photography, a Leica M4 for analogue photography and a Fujifilm X-T2 where I need longer lenses. 

I think choosing a camera is much like traveling with a car from point A to point B. It doesn’t matter which car we choose to use – we will most probably get to point B no matter what. It is all about the ride. It can be applied on life it self. That is how I look at photography as well. It’s about the ride – not about just getting from A to B. I have found that a Leica M gives me the best ride, after trying out a crazy amount of different cameras.