#184 An Unexpected Church

Like a medieval castle it raises over the land – the church of Orlunda.

Orlunda is not exactly a place you see from the highway. I first visited the small village about twenty years ago, as I drove around without a plan with my camera.

As I understand, the church is closed at the moment. That may explain why I could not go inside it yesterday. I would have loved to see the inside of it. Even though I first photographed the church twenty years ago, I never went inside…

Orlunda village had 163 inhabitants in the year 2000. I imagine that has not exactly increased the last 22 years. That seems to be the way it is, these days. But the church is one of my favourites, from an architectural point of view.

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  1. Robin Gray says:

    Lovely church Per, the colour of the copper roofs and the red brickwork around the windows are nice details. Really nice photos 👌

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