#186 Copenhagen in Black & White

I spent my 50:th birthday in Copenhagen with my family, a few days ago. Well…at least a couple of hours of the day. Lets just say that this was not one of the better days to travel by train in Sweden and Denmark…

I used my MP240 to do some street photography around the city. Used a 21mm lens today – in fact this was one of the first times I used this lens in this way. I’ve always been a 35mm shooter – but I may have to change my mind a bit. At least open for the possibility that a 21mm is a really fun focal length to use for street photography.

One can always find interesting pictures around the Central Stations. Don’t miss the pigeon in the bottom of the picture…

This one was not sharp at all – but I liked the light. Sometimes focus doesn’t have to be perfect…

One of the first pictures – taken just as I got of the train. People waiting. People trying to find their trains. People on their way…

It is always nice to come to Copenhagen. It is such a short way from Sweden – but it is so different. I of course visited the new Leica Store as well, to check out the new Leica M11.

The train back took a little longer than expected, but finally we could get on the ferry back to Sweden. Will return to Copenhagen with my camera soon – but I think I will wait until it gets a little cooler outside…


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