#189 Highlights and a 21mm lens

I have shot this windows [in the Cathedral of Linköping] before and posted on this blog – but not shot with a 21mm lens. The details in the glass is incredible.

I have started to really like the 21mm focal length – even though there are no 21mm framelines in the Leica M. A couple of weeks ago I almost sold the lens, because I could not find an optical viewfinder to the M for a reasonable price. But then I found an EVF for a good price and suddenly I could compose the picture in a much better way – and the lens is still in my possesion.

It is not always a good thing to shoot in the middle of the day, when it is a sunny day. The light is hard and boring. It can be nice if you find some nice higlights and shadow – and the church offered some nice opportunities to shoot in this way. A cool thing was that the colored windows gave colored highlights on the floor.

A similar picture – taken in another direction. Often we choose to expose in a way that blows the highlights in these circumstances. If we instead expose the highlights correct, the image takes a totally different direction. I think it is quite nice…