#207 The Leica M6 is back in production

I bought my first Leica M in august 2016 – a silver Leica M6 TTL. That small camera opened up a new world to me. It was a time when I had grown tired of photography. It was all just point and shoot – not the process that photography once was. The M6 brought that back to me.

The Leica M6 was manufactored by Leica between 1984 and 2002. I bought mine for about 1200 Euros back in 2016. Now the same camera goes for 3000 Euros on the used market – and I totally get it. There is a large photo community out there, who has found out excatly what I found out. The problem is that there are a limited number of M6 cameras out there. Now Leica has done the unthinkable: the M6 is back in production after 20 years. Wow. A real tribute to real photography. The new M6 is 95% old and 5% new – according to what I have heard so far. Aspecially the rangefinder has been modified compared to the old M6. The top plate is made from brass instead of zink-kind-of… – but besides this there seem to be minor changes.

My first M6 – I have owned two – stayed with me for about a year. I traded it in to get an M9 (after first trying out an M8). It was a stupid thing – I should have kept it…but then again I loved the M9. Thats the bad thing about Leica M cameras. If you are like me – you love them all. Anyway…I sold it…missed it…and after a year I bought another one.

The new M6 will only be available in black – but both my M6:s were silver. The second one had the 0.58 rangefinder – which is perfect when using glasses. But once again stupidity struck me. In 2019 I wanted to try out a Leica Q. Sold my M6. Got the Q. Missed the M6. But now things hade changed. Prices on the M6 were skyrocketing. No more M6:s for me. Instead I bought an M4 – and as for all my Leicas I loved it. It made me learn to read light in a new way. It was fun and challenging – but I missed the lightmeter in the M6.

For now I have left the analogue photography for a while. My M-P 240 is my only Leica at the moment. There simply isn’t enough time for me to shoot, and when I shoot I like to concentrate on one camera. The workflow with the M-P 240 is faster and more instant. But it is hard not to be tempted by the new M6. It is a beautiful piece of machinery. There is something romantic about a camera that I can pass on to my children and their children. If I only could keep from selling it to get another one.

It will be interesting to see what happens to analogue photography the coming years. My feeling is that it is coming back more and more, among enthusiasts. Not surprising – not much can beat an analogue picture – aspecially black and white. I am surely not done with film. Not at all. See you soon M6!!