#218 Using wide lenses on the Leica M240

A couple of months ago I noticed that some of my pictures had a purple tint in the right side of the picture. In a closer look I saw it in the left side as well. The first thought was that there was a sensor problem with my MP240. I shivered as I imagined the bill after the camera had been a couple of months at Leica in Germany. But – after a while I understood that it was visible only on pictures shot with my 21mm and 28mm lenses. I have used 35mm and 50mm as my main lenses all the way since 2016 and this has not really been an issue before.

Helsingør – Zeiss 2,8/21

The purple color is clearly visible in the picture above. Not so difficult to correct in the edit process – but not anything that one wants…

Then one day I googled it. I found out that it is not a problem with MY camera – it is beacuse of the way the camera is constructed. It can more or less be corrected in camera, by using the correct lens profile.

I use Zeiss and Voigtländer lenses, which does not have the Leica 6-bit code that automaticly tells the camera which lens is mounted. I had to make a preset in the ”SET-menu” for my wide lenses where I chose a lens profile manually. After some testing I found that the profile ”21/f2,8 11134” gave me the best result. Then I created a profile for my ”longer lenses” to be able to fast get back to the correct profile for them.

The left picture above is shot without the lens profile and the right is shot with the 21/f2,8 lens profile. The difference is clearly visible. At least for me. After I saw it for the first time – it is hard not to notice it…