#220 A 50mm day


Walked the streets of Vadstena again today. Just wanted to make some last minute buys before Christmas. Of course I brought my camera and one lens.

Vadstena – MP240 and Zeiss 2/50

Only took my Zeiss 2/50 Planar with me today. I really like to shoot this lens wide open. It is dead sharp and the out of focus areas are nice. This small statue made a nice foreground to the lighted half-sphere at one of the squares.

A cat by the door – MP240 and Zeiss 2/50

This cat didn’t seem that stressed. I tried to get him/her to look at me. But no…”I’m a cat. Don’t care about photograpers…”

Christmas trees at the square – MP240 and Zeiss 2/50

If you follow my blog, you have seen these streets before. Love this place. Today I found a small café that had Danish ”Smörrebröd” – small sandwiches made in a special way. Sooo good. Another reason to go back.

The main shopping street in Vadstena – MP240 and Zeiss 2/50

Hope to use my camera a lot this Christmas. The other day I decided to start using Adobe Lightroom CC instead of only Lightroom Classic. A good opportunity to learn the new workflow that it creates.