#223 Missed Leica-years

In the early 1990:s I attended a couple of photography courses in the evenings. We learned composition, light, tried out new cameras and spent much time in the darkroom. My favourite camera I got to try out was the Hasselblad. I can’t remember wich model – but that doesn’t matter. The square format was fun to experiment with – but I have never returned to it after that.

However – we never got to try out a Leica M. Now as I look at the pictures I shot on one of the workshops (in Copenhagen) I see that my teacher was using a black Leica M. I never gave it a thougt at the time. I can’t help thinking what had happened to me if I had tried it back then. Would I have liked it? Or was it the wrong moment in time? I will never know.

The Leica I never noticed, in the hands of my teacher…

It is like he knew. ”Look at this picture in 30 years and think about how many Leica-years you missed…”.