#241 Three of the same


There are never one way to take a picture. You can use different lenses, go closer, lower, shoot upside down, overexpose or use monochrome mode. Another way is to use different aperures or focus plans. Here I shot exactly the same motive in three different ways. The picture above is perhaps the most common way to take the shot; an aperture around 8 and most things in focus.

For the second version I chose a large aperture to get only the foreground in focus. In bright daylight this may reqiure a grey filter or an electronic shutter. In my case I used a 3-stop grey filter to get the exposure right.

The last version is the one I think I like the most. The foreground out of focus and the actual motive in focus. The same exposure as the last picture, but the focus plan is changed.

Wich one is your choice?