#245 A 35mm lens

Started my day with an early morning walk around a small local lake today. I only met one person and he was on his way home. He had been there since before sunrise and photographed birds. He had an enormous lens on his camera – at least 500mm. Pointed at my camera and asked what I was looking for (I guess he ment which bird). I had a 35mm lens on my camera. The lake, I said.

Well – the lake was really beautiful and it worked out fine with a 35mm lens…


  1. Marc R. says:

    Funny meeting, especially his question 🙂
    But the photos of the lake are indeed very beautiful!


    1. Per says:

      Thank you Marc. Yes – I didn’t really know what to say. I know very little about birds…but I know cameras a little. And a 35 is better for lakes…😝

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