#132 Project Update

My project “Nature Reserves in Östergötland” is slowly moving forward. To date I have visited 14 reserves – which means that I have almost only scratched the surface. But I must say that the project has been a positive thing in these crazy times. We have hiked in the Swedish nature along with friends on…

#12 Project Update

I added pictures from last years trip to Vienna to my Vienna-project. Now I will start to set the photo book together… Check out all the Vienna-pictures here.

#7 More Project Updates

I work on transferring over some of my small projects to this new blog. Today I updated “Sweden” and “Östergötland” – two projects about documenting my homeland. New pictures and older pictures. These are the kind of projects that can last a lifetime, with different outputs. This time it is a book with pictures sorted…

#6 Project Update

I just added some pictures to my project “Vienna”. See the pictures and read a short description about the project here.