Golf. Once you start – you can never stop. Like Photography.

The Omberg Golf Resort, not far from where we live, is one of the most beautiful Swedish courses I know. It is situated just next to Lake Vättern – Swedens second largest lake. The setting sun can be magical…

Setting sun at Askersunds Golf Course, at the northern tip of Lake Vättern.

I typically bring my Fujifilm X100V with me to the golf course. It is perfect for capturing the surroundings and at the same time small enough to fit in the bag.

Oscar taking a shot in the bunker at the fifth hole at Mjölby Golf Course

The X100V is however not the perfect camera for photographing people on the corse. For the picture above I used my Fujifilm X-T2 with a 56/1,2 to freeze the moment.

Woodlands Country Club, near Örkelljunga in the southern part of Sweden.

It is only lately I have brought my camera to the golf course. The reason is that I felt that a golf course is not a genuin place in nature. That may be right in a way – but I must say that I find golf courses beautiful. Just as beautiful as a cityscape or a landscape of agricultural land. Why not shoot pictures as well as golf balls then…??

I often find myself taking pictures into the sun – as in the pictures from S:t Arilds Golf Club (in the very South of Sweden) above. I am amazed how the X100V performs in these situations. There can be some reflections from the sun in the lens – but I often feel that it can contribute to the feeling of being out there in the sun.

Ombergs Golf Resort

The picture from Omberg is one of my favorite golf pictures. Playing the 13:th hole in the late evening, as the sun sets, is something special…

Now; trees!

Trees can be really photogenic on a golf course. I just can’t resist them…