To try and fund my photography I sell pictures every now and then. The income from this is far from what the actual cost is – but it is always fun to sell a picture or two. You can get any picture on this blog on a canvas – but far from all of them are any good. Here I have collected some pictures I believe would look nice on a wall.

If you are interested in a picture – use the Contact Form and tell me which picture you are interested in and in which size and form you would like it. Use the number below the picture. I will come back to you with a proposal. I charge €25 plus the cost of the print and shipping.

If you have a good printing facility in your country that you use – please tell me. That way I can use it for keeping the shipping costs down.

For Payment I use Paypal.

Places – Travel

PIC#002 – New York
PIC#003 – New York
PIC#003 – New York
PIC#010 – New York

PIC#004 – Gásadalur, The Faroe Islands
PIC#005 – Gásadalur, The Faroe Islands
PIC#006 – Gásadalur, The Faroe Islands

PIC#007 – Normandy, France
PIC#008 – Normandy, France
PIC#009 – Normandy, France

PIC#023 – Barcelona, Spain

PIC#011 – The streets of Pizzo, Italy
PIC#012 – The streets of Pizzo, Italy
PIC#013 – The streets of Pizzo, Italy
PIC#014 – Utelle, France

PIC#021 – Street corner in Biot, France

PIC#022 – Biot
PIC#018 – Eze, France

PIC#019 – Monaco
PIC#020 – Monaco

PIC#017 – Karlskrona, Sweden

PIC#024 – Fårö Lighthouse, Sweden

PIC#025 – Fårö, Sweden


PIC#016 – Grass in the wind


PIC#001 – Sunset at the Golf Course of Askersund, Sweden