#194 The Garage

We arrived to the hotel late at night. The parking garage was old and not a place you felt totally safe in. It was poorly lit and only half full. We left the car and went to the hotel for a nights sleep. Then the next day, the garage showed a totally different face. It…

#193 Trying something new

I have decided to try out landscape photography for a while and see if I can learn something new. When I say try I mean that I will try and give it more time and effort. Not just catch a snapshot as I hike. More composing, using a tripod, working on my technique, editing and…

#188 The Strait between Sweden and Denmark

I grew up in a city by the ocean – Helsingborg. When you live by the ocean, your life is formed around it – without you knowing it. In the summer we took our bicycles to the beach. When there was a storm we went to the ocean to feel the power of the wind…

#187 About a Picture

I was half asleep as the train rolled in at the airport station. As it made a complete stop I glanced up. There was a picture outside the window – waiting to be shot. The bored woman leaning on her blue backpack, piled on top of the yellow hard bag. The next moment people went…

#186 Copenhagen in Black & White

I spent my 50:th birthday in Copenhagen with my family, a few days ago. Well…at least a couple of hours of the day. Lets just say that this was not one of the better days to travel by train in Sweden and Denmark… I used my MP240 to do some street photography around the city….

#185 Lake Vättern in the viewfinder

A beautiful day by lake Vättern – the second largest lake in Sweden. My trusty Leica M240P was equipped with a Zeiss ZM 2,8/21 Biogon. To compose the picture, when using wide lenses with an M, I like to use an external viewfinder. I wear glasses – and it is almost impossible to see the…

#184 An Unexpected Church

Like a medieval castle it raises over the land – the church of Orlunda. Orlunda is not exactly a place you see from the highway. I first visited the small village about twenty years ago, as I drove around without a plan with my camera. As I understand, the church is closed at the moment….

#182 Todays Catch

The fisherman is taking care of todays catch of nice looking Salmons. It doesn’t get any fresher than this. Pictures from Luleå today.

#181 The Bridge

There is this bridge outside Luleå that I have wanted to shoot for a long time. The bridge is called ”Old Gäddvik Bridge” and is a classic construction that is often seen in Sweden. I just haven’t had a good opportunity to stop and make something nice of the bridge. This time I was lucky….

#179 About a Picture

Drove by this field as I was buying eggs from a nearby farm. The red poppies are beautiful – even though the farmer didn’t like them. As I was taking the picture he stopped his car beside me and said ”Are you photographing the misery…”. Then he laughed and said ”You are not the first….

#178 The Big Apple

Railway stations can be really beautiful buildings. At least the older stations. They knew how to design buildings back in the days. Just check out the ”Swedish Big Apple” on the top of the roof. They don’t make them like this any more…

#176 About a Picture

Construction sites are not always nice to look at. This is one that I found on the way back to my hotel, in central Gothenburg. One of the better ways to mask a site like this.