#190 The Tele-Elmarit and an EVF

A few years ago I bought a Canadian made Leica Tele-Elmarit 2,8/90 from 1979. It was a good deal – at least that was what I thought. The lens turned out to flare quite a bit in some lighting situations. Since I use it on a Leica M – as supposed – I can’t see…

#189 Highlights and a 21mm lens

I have shot this windows [in the Cathedral of Linköping] before and posted on this blog – but not shot with a 21mm lens. The details in the glass is incredible. I have started to really like the 21mm focal length – even though there are no 21mm framelines in the Leica M. A couple…

#188 The Strait between Sweden and Denmark

I grew up in a city by the ocean – Helsingborg. When you live by the ocean, your life is formed around it – without you knowing it. In the summer we took our bicycles to the beach. When there was a storm we went to the ocean to feel the power of the wind…

#187 About a Picture

I was half asleep as the train rolled in at the airport station. As it made a complete stop I glanced up. There was a picture outside the window – waiting to be shot. The bored woman leaning on her blue backpack, piled on top of the yellow hard bag. The next moment people went…

#186 Copenhagen in Black & White

I spent my 50:th birthday in Copenhagen with my family, a few days ago. Well…at least a couple of hours of the day. Lets just say that this was not one of the better days to travel by train in Sweden and Denmark… I used my MP240 to do some street photography around the city….

#185 Lake Vättern in the viewfinder

A beautiful day by lake Vättern – the second largest lake in Sweden. My trusty Leica M240P was equipped with a Zeiss ZM 2,8/21 Biogon. To compose the picture, when using wide lenses with an M, I like to use an external viewfinder. I wear glasses – and it is almost impossible to see the…

#184 An Unexpected Church

Like a medieval castle it raises over the land – the church of Orlunda. Orlunda is not exactly a place you see from the highway. I first visited the small village about twenty years ago, as I drove around without a plan with my camera. As I understand, the church is closed at the moment….

#183 The Icebreakers are resting

Three of the Swedish Icebreakers at rest in the late summer evening. The three ships of the ”Atle-class” were built in the 1970:s and are soon to be replaced by new ships, if all goes according to plan. When I was about ten years old, there was this tv-program about a reaserch journey to the…

#182 Todays Catch

The fisherman is taking care of todays catch of nice looking Salmons. It doesn’t get any fresher than this. Pictures from Luleå today.

#181 The Bridge

There is this bridge outside Luleå that I have wanted to shoot for a long time. The bridge is called ”Old Gäddvik Bridge” and is a classic construction that is often seen in Sweden. I just haven’t had a good opportunity to stop and make something nice of the bridge. This time I was lucky….

#180 Golf Season

The Swedish golf season is on. As usually I bring my camera and try and take some shots between the shots… The pictures today are from one of my Swedish favourites; Ombergs Golf Resort.

#179 About a Picture

Drove by this field as I was buying eggs from a nearby farm. The red poppies are beautiful – even though the farmer didn’t like them. As I was taking the picture he stopped his car beside me and said ”Are you photographing the misery…”. Then he laughed and said ”You are not the first….