#4 Leica M6 TTL – My first Leica

My first Leica was a M6 TTL silver edition – an analogue camera. A classic camera. The way to my first Leica was not a straight line. I think it all began around 2010, as Fuji announced the X100. I fell for the camera and since then I have used various models of the X-system….

#3 Sunday walk

Went for a short walk at Stjärnorp, not far from our home. Lake Roxen is still covered with ice, even though it is not freezing outside. The camera for the walk was my Fujifilm X-T2 with the Fujinon XF 10-24/4 – a great combination. The X-T2 is my go-to camera for landscape and outdoor photography….

#2 My first picture with a Leica

This is my first shot with a Leica. I remember it as it was yesterday – it was taken in the mirror of the mens room at my work (!). The camera was my first M6 TTL with a Voigtländer 40/1,4 and the film was a Tri-X 400. This was my first encounter with a…

#1 A fresh start

Welcome to my new blog about photography – aspecially about Leica and Fujifilm cameras. I have been trying to find the right format for my blog for a while now. I have tried out wordpress before, i tried Squarespace and Portfoliobox. Somehow I always found some things I didn’t like. I think it’s time to…