#198 About a Picture

We were walking along the sea in Helsingör, just outside the Kronborg Castle. It was late September and probably one of the last days with summer temperatures. A man was lying flat on his back, resting in the sand. A small sailing boat was passing by. I hope he was resting…and not…dead…😟

#187 About a Picture

I was half asleep as the train rolled in at the airport station. As it made a complete stop I glanced up. There was a picture outside the window – waiting to be shot. The bored woman leaning on her blue backpack, piled on top of the yellow hard bag. The next moment people went…

#179 About a Picture

Drove by this field as I was buying eggs from a nearby farm. The red poppies are beautiful – even though the farmer didn’t like them. As I was taking the picture he stopped his car beside me and said ”Are you photographing the misery…”. Then he laughed and said ”You are not the first….

#176 About a Picture

Construction sites are not always nice to look at. This is one that I found on the way back to my hotel, in central Gothenburg. One of the better ways to mask a site like this.

#170 About a Picture

This morning I was on my way southbound along Lake Vättern. Usually I choose the freeway when I travel in my work, but this time I took the old highway part of the journey. When I got close to the small city Gränna I just had to stop and take out my camera. This time…

#160 Mr P

It was back in 2011. I was on my first visit to the United States and had made a stop in San Diego. We were walking along the sea and this guy was playing the saxophone. They called him “Mr P”.

#158 About a Picture

The same crane I shot a couple of weeks ago. This time in color. The days are even shorter now – the picture was taken just after one pm. The fun thing is that it is almost golden hour all day this time of year in the very northern parts of Sweden…

#152 About a Picture

Have taken some days off from work and gone hiking in the Swedish mountains. No sun today, but still some fantastic moments. Just love the silence.

#151 About a Picture

As the days get shorter and shorter in Sweden, I look back at the longest day of the year. In June the Swedish nights are short. In the most northern parts, the sun is up all night. We are now at the turning point between light and dark. From now on the nights will be…

#150 Aboute a Picture

Playing golf in the sunset is one of my favorite things to do. The light can be so beautiful that I just have to take some pictures. Here is my son in the sun, aiming for the flag in the shadows. The camera exaggerate the differences between light and shadow. Often this can be a…