#230 About a Picture

The sun is shining low between the buildings. It is almost impossible to see down the street. People are reduced to silhouettes in the strong hard light. But they don’t care. They are just enjoying the beautiful day in Stockholm…

#229 About a Picture

Another picture of my good old oaktree. The sun is still not high over the horizon – even though the time was about ten in the morning. Before lunch today it almost felt like spring was in the air. But then again – it is only the last days of January. Spring may have made…

#227 About a Picture

Another year has passed. The traditional Swedish ”Semla” is in every café again. Originally it was only served on special tuesday – Shrove Tuesday – 47 days before Eastern, but now they can be found more or less from Christmas Day. I try and only eat one or two per year, so it can remain…

#225 About a Picture

When you stay at Scandic Hotel Swania in Trollhättan you may be in for a surprise if you are new in town. Just outside your window you hear a bell and some strange sounds. Then there is this low frequency ”thump…thump…thump…” that seem to get closer and closer. Then you look outside the window…and see…

#217 About a Picture

Our house is built about 200 meters from the main railway between Stockholm and Malmö. Trains are passing at high speed around the clock. When we moved here we were a little afraid that the trains should be disturbing – but it has almost become the other way around. The trains are our old friends…

#216 About a Picture

We were on our way to one of Swedens most famous ancient monuments, Ales Stenar (a ”ship” of stones – see picture below). In the summer this place is filled with visitors. In November – not so much. We were completely alone. It is about a kilometer long walk from the parking to the stones….

#210 About a Picture

During the initial Covid years many of us – including me – learned to work and live almost all our lives at home. It was then I started to go for a short walk in the morning before work – something I still try to do every now and then. I find it to be…

#206 About a Picture

Woke up early at a hotel in Halmstad (in the soutern part of Sweden). Had an early breakfast and grabbed my camera. I love to get out before the city is awake. When the streets still are more or less empty. A nice way to start a day.

#198 About a Picture

We were walking along the sea in Helsingör, just outside the Kronborg Castle. It was late September and probably one of the last days with summer temperatures. A man was lying flat on his back, resting in the sand. A small sailing boat was passing by. I hope he was resting…and not…dead…😟

#187 About a Picture

I was half asleep as the train rolled in at the airport station. As it made a complete stop I glanced up. There was a picture outside the window – waiting to be shot. The bored woman leaning on her blue backpack, piled on top of the yellow hard bag. The next moment people went…

#179 About a Picture

Drove by this field as I was buying eggs from a nearby farm. The red poppies are beautiful – even though the farmer didn’t like them. As I was taking the picture he stopped his car beside me and said ”Are you photographing the misery…”. Then he laughed and said ”You are not the first….

#176 About a Picture

Construction sites are not always nice to look at. This is one that I found on the way back to my hotel, in central Gothenburg. One of the better ways to mask a site like this.