My Gear

Leica M-P type 240

I have used a Leica M as my main camera since 2016. I have owned a bunch of them and the latest is an M-P type 240. The type 240 first was released in 2012 (the M-P in 2014) but I still feel that it produces great pictures. I will probably hold on to this one for a while. The next M will probably be a M10P or R in a couple of years…

[M-cameras that has been in my bag; M4, M6TTL/0.72, M6TTL/0.58, M8, M9, M240, M-D type 262 and M-P type 240]

Zeiss Biogon 2,8/21 ZM

My widest M-lens is the Zeiss Biogon 2,8/21 ZM. It is a little big and heavy – but it makes fantastic pictures when paired with my MP. When using this lens it is important to set the M-P to a lens profile that fits wide lenses. I use the setting for 21 f/2,8 11134, found in the ”Lens Detection” menu.

The framelines in the M-P only goes as wide as 28mm, so composing with this lens require an external viewfinder. I have the Olympus VF-2 – the same as Leicas own, but much cheaper.

Now – the best way to use this lens is to zone focus (at f8) and just point and shoot. Perfect in the streets…

Voigtländer Ultron 2/18 version 1

The Voigtländer 2/28 Ultron (v1) is one of many lenses that I have had in my camera bag more than once. It was my first 28mm lens back in 2017. I liked the lens much – but after a while i sold it to buy a Zeiss Biogon 2,8/28 instead. I had an idea that the Zeiss would be better. Now…it may have been better…but I didn’t like it as much…so I sold it.

In 2022 I bought an Ultron again – and I still love it.

Zeiss Biogon 2,8/35 ZM

The 35mm lens is my most used. Another lens that has come, gone and come back. It was my first 35mm lend for the M. A great lens. Always super sharp.

There are many 35mm options for the M out there. The most obvious one beeing the Leica 2/35 Summicron. I sold my Biogon and found me a Summicron (for more than triple the price). Was it three times better. A great lens to use – but not three times better. Switched back to Zeiss again after a while. First to the Biogon 2/35 ZM – but I found it too big. Changed back to the 2,8/35 again. Back to where I started. One step slower – but that’s ok.

Voigtländer 1.2/35 VIII

The 35mm 1.2 version 3 by Voigtländer is a killer lens. It is fast, sharp, has a nice bokeh, is really well built and very much worth it’s price. It costs about five times less than a Leica Summilux – but the question is if it is the Summilux is five times better. Well – maybe it is – but I will probobly never find out. This lens is everything that I need in a fast 35mm lens. It is simply fantastic!!

Zeiss Planar 2/50 ZM

50mm – my second most used lens for the M. Almost the same story as for the 2,8/35 Biogon. Had one. Loved it. Sold it. Bought a Summicron. Three times as good? No. Sold it. Bought a Planar again. Love it.

I also had a Voigtländer Nokton 1,1/50 for a couple of years. Liked it in a way…but in the end it was too big and too soft. The ”bokeh” was fun – but a little messy. Sold it…

Another 50 that I had once was the collapsable Leica Elmar 2,8/50 (silver version). I sold it togehter with my first Planar, to afford the Summicron. Bad choise. Liked the Elmar better than the Summicron. Also a fun lens to use. Fit my M4 perfectly. Would like to find a black copy – but they are not that common…and pretty expensive.

Leica Tele-Elmarit 2,8/90

My longest lens for the M-system. Not using it very much – but almost impossible to sell. It is super sharp when used right. However – it flares like crazy in some situations. I only use it with my external viewfinder to control the flare.

I used to have the Leica Summicron 2/90 (pre-ASPH). A much better 90mm lens – but also bigger and heavier. The Tele-Elmarit is much smaller and lighter and can fit in my pocket if needed. But the 90mm is my least used lens for the M-system…so it is mostly resting on my shelf.

Fujifilm X-T2

My camera for faster situations like sports but also nature, landscapes and assigments (the few I get…) is my trusty X-T2. It too is getting old…but it still goes strong. Can’t see why I should change it as long as it works. A great camera.

I still have my first Fuji X-camera on my shelf; the original X100. Since that camera I have had many X-series cameras; X100, X100T, X100F, X100V, X-Pro1, X-Pro2, X-E2. The X-T2 is the only I frequently use today.

My first Fuji camera was a Fujifilm S2 Pro. My first digital SLR.

Fujinon XF 18-55 2,8-4

I only have two lenses for the X-T2 today. The XF 18-55 is the shorter one. 18-55 may sound like a cheap kit-lens but that is not the case. This is a really good lens. Dead sharp!

I have had many Fuji X-lenses, but sold them all; XF 10-24/4, XF 2/18, XF 1,4/35, XF 2/35, XF 1,2/56, XF2/90 and XF 55-200. Now I only use the Leica when it comes to primes. The two Fujinon zooms I have cover my needs.

Fujinon XF 50-140/2,8

This lens replaced the great XF 55-200 zoom lens a couple of years ago. Mainly beacuse of the 2,8 f-stop. At the time I shot a lot of football pictures, and the 55-200 had a variable f-stop. This was a pain to use in some situations. Other than that, the 55-200 was almost as good as the 50-140. Of course the 2,8 f-stop is very nice to have…

Nikon FA

My analogue camera is the Nikon FA. This is how a camera should look – a ”real camera” in my book. Well the Leica M is more beatutiful – but the Nikon FA was what I wanted back in the 1980:s as I started my photography…

I can’t remember all the different Nikon cameras that I have used since the 1990 – when I bought my first. It is at least; F-301, F-501, F-801, FM2, F4, F3, F100, D200, D300s and D7100. The favourite one I think was the least used; the F100. A fantastic camera – but it came in a time when analogue photography was mainly over for me…

Nikkor F50/1,8

Simply a great fast, small 50 mm lens.

I won’t even try and list the Nikon lenses I owned…

Nikon E 100/2,8

The E-series was the ”second line” of Nikon lenses back in the days. The thing was that they often were just as good as the F-series lenses. This 100 mm lens used to belong to a very good friend of mine. He gave it to me some years ago, as he did not use it any more. It works great.