#159 A New Hope

As you may have heard before on this blog, I love black and white photography. When I go out to shoot black and white pictures I find my self in a special “black-and-white-mode” – I see the world in a gray scale instead of in color. The black and white world is different from the color world. Less distractions and more shapes and tones.

I hade hoped that the Leica MD-262 would give me the perfect combination of digital and analogue photography – but as you also may hade read before – it wasn’t what I had hoped. One big reason for me selling it again was that I missed the black and white photography. I am talking about the real BNW-photography. There must be no choice – like putting a TRI-X in the camera. The Leica MD-262 only shoots RAW – and it always gives you the choice to make the picture in color. I found that I could not go out and shoot BNW. I never fond that real BNW-mode.

Now I use my M240P to shoot BNW jpg:s. I like the results from that – but then again – it is jpg:s. I would loved to have black and white RAW. How cool would that be…? And where do I find BNW RAW files? The Leica Monochrome cameras. The good thing is that the Monochromes are far too expensive for me, and I won’t be able to buy one for many years. It will be my new dream camera. Nice. A new hope…


  1. Your B/W photos are beautiful🖤 I hope you are able to get your Monochrome Camera someday soon!


    1. Per says:

      Thanx. I will keep it as a dream for a while 😉


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