#188 The Strait between Sweden and Denmark

I grew up in a city by the ocean – Helsingborg. When you live by the ocean, your life is formed around it – without you knowing it. In the summer we took our bicycles to the beach. When there was a storm we went to the ocean to feel the power of the wind and watch the waves. We took the ferry to Helsingør [in Denmark] to buy large ice-creams in the narrow streets. In the late evenings we went back to the beach to see the sun set in the ocean.

The traffic on Öresund – the narrow strait between Helsingborg and Helsingør – is dense in all directions. The ferrys between the cities run around the clock all year long. People goes on vacation, travel to their work or just drink and eat on the restaurant on the ferries. A classic menu is ”two reds and a green” – two red Danish sausages and one Tuborg Green (beer).

In the north/south direction ships of all kind pass the Öresund. The ships are from all over the world and in every possible shape. The small red Pilot boats are working around the clock to assist the ships. At first the ships appear at the horizon as small dots, but soon they grow to full size. They travel slowly – but still they seem pass the strait in just a few minutes. I often wonder where they come from and where they are heading. I can read about it online – but it becomes real as I look at the actual ship and imagine the people that are onboard. They pass the strait and after a while they disappear below the horizon.