#214 Grey grey grey

Yet another gray day here in our small corner of Sweden. I like shooting black and white on days like this. A nice old Kodak Tri-X in the camera gives life to the grayscale. The lone oak tree has been posted on my blog before. One of our walks is passing the tree and every…

#213 Darker

Sweden in November. The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder. Drove to a local farm to buy some eggs today in the afternoon. A really boring day when it comes to photography. But why? Why not take pictures in boring conditions as well? Had to stop and take a picture towars…

#210 About a Picture

During the initial Covid years many of us – including me – learned to work and live almost all our lives at home. It was then I started to go for a short walk in the morning before work – something I still try to do every now and then. I find it to be…

#199 Moody Mist

A morning walk before starting work. Three degrees Celcius and mist over the fields nearby my home. It feels like the summer finally is moving into autumn. The nature is turning red and yellow again. The following weeks can be really beautiful – but this morning is more like the mood in the world today……

#191 What just happened?

It feels like it was only yesterday when the fields were green and growing. The cold and darkness was gone and the days were getting longer. Now, suddenly, the farmers are harvesting all around. But it is only august and we still have a couple of months before the days are shorter then the nights,…

#184 An Unexpected Church

Like a medieval castle it raises over the land – the church of Orlunda. Orlunda is not exactly a place you see from the highway. I first visited the small village about twenty years ago, as I drove around without a plan with my camera. As I understand, the church is closed at the moment….

#181 The Bridge

There is this bridge outside Luleå that I have wanted to shoot for a long time. The bridge is called ”Old Gäddvik Bridge” and is a classic construction that is often seen in Sweden. I just haven’t had a good opportunity to stop and make something nice of the bridge. This time I was lucky….

#179 About a Picture

Drove by this field as I was buying eggs from a nearby farm. The red poppies are beautiful – even though the farmer didn’t like them. As I was taking the picture he stopped his car beside me and said ”Are you photographing the misery…”. Then he laughed and said ”You are not the first….

#170 About a Picture

This morning I was on my way southbound along Lake Vättern. Usually I choose the freeway when I travel in my work, but this time I took the old highway part of the journey. When I got close to the small city Gränna I just had to stop and take out my camera. This time…

#168 Project update

In 2021 I starded a small project; visit all Nature Reserves in my county. There are only about 300 of them. My problem is that I never seem to finish my projects – I get bored or forget about them completley. However this is a project that I get help to remember. Both my wife…

#152 About a Picture

Have taken some days off from work and gone hiking in the Swedish mountains. No sun today, but still some fantastic moments. Just love the silence.

#144 About a Picture

It was a hot day in Sweden and everyone seeked the shadow. The cows found theirs under an old oak tree. A couple of them looked at me and seemed to be telling me; ”Why are you out there in the sun? Come over here instead…”.