#115 Photography by intention

Boring Picture (M4/Porta 400)

I would like to be a photographer that takes picture by intention and not by chance – but I am not. At least not enough. That is one thing that I think is a big difference between many amateur photographers [like my self] and professional’s. I often find my self going out to take pictures – without having an idea of what I am going to shoot. The result is often that I shoot nothing or something without any thought, just to press that shutter. Just boring pictures.

Really Boring Picture No 2 (M4/Porta 400)

I think the problem is that I often see photography in it self as a hobby. That may work for some – but not for me. My thought is that photography must be combined with other interests or hobbies to really shine. If not, it tends to be focused around the gear and buying new stuff. I have fallen in that trap many times. Especially when there has been no time to do other things. In my case often during the winter, when the days are short and the weather is bad.

Not a better image (M4/Porta 400)

The trick for me is to start small projects that can make me think and plan what to shoot. My children’s sport activities has been such a project. The past year hasn’t been that good for that project. Instead I brought the camera with me to the golf course – that proved to be fun. A golf course can be very beautiful and it is often easy to add people in the frames (check out my golf-collection).

Just terrible (M4/Porta 400)

The coming year will be yet another strange year, and I will try and use it to find new projects to challenge me as a photographer. I will try and find projects that will take me outside of my comfort zone, to help me grow as a photographer. Many of them will probably show up here on this blog during the year.

A little better, but still boring (M4/Porta 400)

If you have any good project ideas I would be glad to hear them. Comment below 🙂