#114 A Project for 2021

Today we started a small project for 2021; to try and visit all Nature Reserves in Östergötland (the Province we live in). It can be quite a challenge – there are 283 of them. Yesterday my wife found a map and a list with check boxes for each and every one of them, and we figured it could be a good way to get out in our beautiful nature. (Link to the list here)

We have a feeling that the year 2021 can be a good year to do this in. The restrictions we have beacuse of Covid 19, will probably last for a while.

The first three boxes were checked today; Hallstad Ängar, Borgarmon och Klevberget. Three small reserves next to each other.

My cameras will of course be a part of this project. Today the Fujifilm X-T2 was packed in the bag, together with a nice old Swedish ”fika”. Just 280 reserves to go now…

I have made a collection of the pictures here.


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