#117 A perfect project


My latest project – to visit all Nature Reserves in the county where we live – has not been going on for long, but so far it is a small success. To date I have visited ten reserves of 283 (!). Of the ten, we had visited only three before. At first the idea was that both me and my wife should visit all together – but we soon realized that it would be me and my camera that should count. I doubt I will manage all of them anyway – but when the summer comes I see many good motorcycle rides to come (and my wife doesn’t go with me on my bike…).

Check out the project here


There are many positive things with this project. The most obvious is that I can practice nature photography with my cameras. But that is not all. A visit to a reserve is often associated with a hike – often around 5 kilometers, but sometimes upp to 10. Photography, exercise, fresh air, beautiful environments and many new places. Perfect. And all 283 reserves are not more than 1,5 hours from home.

Hallsta Ängar

The cool thing is that when I am done with the reserves in my home county – we have 24 more counties in Sweden. In total we have just over 5.100 nature reserves in Sweden. Enough for a lifetime…


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