#136 Unique Places

Do we need go travel half way around the world to take photos of unique places? The answer is of course NO. Often the most unique place – at least to the rest of the world – is probably right outside your door.

I probably made hundreds of walks around in the small village where we live – almost always with a camera in a strap. I usually take exactly 0 (zero – none) pictures. I just don’t find the inspiration. Everything looks so boring and not at all photogenic – which is probably true. It is boring. But it is life. Life isn’t funny and beautiful every minute. But if we talk about making unique pictures – these pictures are probably more unique than any picture I can take if I go to Manhattan or Tokyo.

If we think about it – aren’t the places where we spend the most of our time worth shooting? The simple answer is; of course they are. I have dared my self to shoot more of my home surroundings. I actually find it much harder to shoot pictures around my home, than on a trip to the other side of the world. I can take a picture of a total stranger on a street in Madrid – but I find it very hard to take a picture of a person walking on a street in our home village. There simply aren’t so many photographers walking around here. I get the feeling that people will call the Police if I take a picture. Thats why there are no people in these pictures…

I will try and put more people in the pictures to come…perhaps…


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