#38 Doing it wrong

Bild-576My Leica M240 – taken with the Fujifilm X100

Today I realized that I am doing things wrong. At least some things. As I drank my morning coffee I watched Peter McKinnons latest video (watch it here), and felt I had to try and step things up a little bit. I was also inspired by Take Kayo (also known as Bigheadtaco), who make this kind of “flat-lay photos”. Check out an example of his here.

I have used this kind of pictures in some of my posts on this blog – usually to show a camera or two, to illustrate what the text is about. The problem is that I have put exactly ZERO time in taking the photo. In post 35 I used my Ipad to take the photo, and it took about 1,5 minutes. Just put the cameras on the floor outside the living room door – and then snap the shot. DONE!

I felt inspired by McKinnons video and made a try to take a better shot of some gear. I used the same floor – but tried to think more about finding a good spot, and lining it up better. I tried to find some stuff that match this nice camera, to balance the picture a little more. I used a proper camera for the picture and I made adjustments in Lightroom afterwards (thats right – I didn’t even bother to do that to the Ipad Picture in post 35…). I put about ten minutes in to this picture, all in all, just to try it out.

It was better than the Ipad -picture, but I see improvements to be made; I think the note book should be in a warmer color, or even black. I could also have tried to find some leaves or something to make the pic more alive. I also must find some more interesting backgrounds for the pictures.

Well – it’s good to be an amateur. We are allowed to do mistakes and not to be perfect all the time. We can be proud of things that are just a liiitle bit better than last time. And the next time it will hopefully be sliiightly better again…