#44 The Towboat

bogserbåtI lived my first 25 years near the Öresund Strait in the southern part of Sweden – still I am not a boat person. I would like to be – but I get sick the moment I put my foot in the boat, so I have given up that thought. I do love the sea and especially the Öresund Strait [that separates Sweden and Denmark]. I can sit by the strait and just look at the ships passing by. In the night one can hear the sound of the ships engines even though you cant see them.


I have a special thing for three kind of ships; towboats, ice breakers and pilot vessels. I know that the fashination of pilot vessels is from when I was a child, and was visiting my grandparents house. From there I could see almost the entire northern part of the strait. This was where the pilots either was put on the ship that was going through the strait, or taken off it. The boats came in all weather conditions, day and night. I watched them in the binoculars and wished I was there. I am not sure about the ice breakers and the towboats – but I suppose that it is because of the power they somehow represent.


The other day we were walking in the port of Helsingborg, and I suddenly saw a towboat approaching the inlet. I picked up my X-T2 with the 55-200 and shot some pictures. We were a little surprised as the boat – as it turned around – had Torshavn as home port. Torshavn is the capital of the Faroe Islands – that we are just about to visit. We are actually going to stay in Torshavn. Its a small world…


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