#89 X100 – again

A while ago, the fifth generation of the Fujifilm X100 was released – the X100V. The new version introduced – among other things – a new sensor, a tilt screen, a new lens and 4K video. Beeing an old X100 fan, I at first considered buing it, but changed my mind. I could not see that it would make any sense – I own enough cameras as it is.

The X100V has a load of functions. It may have the look of my Leica M4 – but it could not be more different. A strange thing is that the X100 whith all it’s functions still haven’t been able to replicate the feeling of focusing a true rangefinder. At least one function my M4 has and the X100 has not. The other functions the M4 has – all four – can be found just as good, on the X100.

After a massive Youtube campaign against me, the X100V started getting to me. I began to have doubts. Maybe I needed one anyway. Not to take better pictures – more to get inspired. The X100-cameras have that effect on me. I know it, because I have tried it four times. I still own my first X100 from 2012. The two X100T:s and the X100F are sold in favour for other cameras.

I picked up my original X100, to see if it’s magic still exists. It does! I have used it for a week now, and I clearly remember what I love with that camera. All the pictures in this post are jpgs right out of the camera (except the ones of the camera it self, of course). I can also remember the flaws with that original X100. It is slow and have limitations in some other areas. Still – the pictures and the joy of shooting are great.

Well. At the moment I am waiting for the mail to arrive with my X100V. I fell for the pressure. I am really looking forward to trying it out. This will be a good complement to my Leicas – I tell myself. A smaller, faster camera to use more for the everyday shooting. I think I will find space for it in my camera collection and in my everyday bag. I always do. I am a weak person…