#99 Honfleur

Continuing on the theme of the last post; Fujifilm X-Pro 1 and France. One of the places I wanted to visit on the 2015-trip was Honfleur. I had heard a lot about the city and how beautiful it is. A must see place for a photographer. An artists town. And I am sure it is…or was…

I sure found the city beautiful – but I felt that these days it is more of the tourists city, than the artists. I was of course a tourist myself, so nothing more said about that.

The day of our visit it was more than 30 degrees celcius in the shadow. That is just too hot for me and it affected my inspiration to take photos. The fact that we lived in our camper without air conditioning did not make it more easy.

Still we walked around the city for a couple of hours and the X-Pro 1 did it´s job flawlessly. I believe it could handle the heat better than me…

As I look through the pictures from 2015, I really miss traveling to beautiful places like this. Let´s hope things can get back to kind of normal soon…


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