#100 As good as it gets

There was this magical evening on our trip to France in 2015. After a perfect day on the beach, we had returned to our camper. The children were tired as the sun was setting, and we started to prepare for the night.

We had stopped in a place called Veules-les-Roses – a small village with not more than 500 inhabitants. We had found a campsite just outside the town, not more than a couple of hundred meters from the sea.

As the last light was fading out, I walked the beach with my X-Pro 1. I raised the ISO more and more – and the last pictures were shot with ISO 3200. Still I think the pictures are really nice.

I think the yellow light from the lamp post blended with the blue light was nice in this frame. I was almost completely alone down by the waterline. Just me, my camera and the sound of the ocean.

The landscape on this part of the French coast is so dramatic and beautiful. In my mind a visit to these small villages is so much more rewarding, than a tourist packed town like Honfleur. This last picture was the one that was shot with ISO3200. Yes – there are noise. Todays cameras can do a much better job – but for me this is as good as it gets. The memory of the moment, combined with the picture, takes me back in time for a short while. It also inspires me to create a hundred more posts on this blog. Hopefully.