#143 Close enough?

I have always liked black and white film photography. I started out with Kodak Tri-X in the 1980:s and I still shoot it from time to time. But the thing is – todays cameras and post processing can make pictures almost as good as my old black and white Tri-X pictures. Sometimes even better…

Recent years, when I have gone back to shoot analogue, I have done so mainly to slow down the pace, think more, read the light and not choose between hundreds of different settings. Then some time after – develop the pictures and see how they came out.

But. Now I have my MD-262 without a back screen and almost without any settings. Aaalmost like film. I can get a very good film-like look from different applications in my computer. The pictures in this post were made with Lightroom and Nik Silver Efex Pro. I admit – not the same feeling as making a picture with film and the darkroom…but since I don’t have a darkroom any more, thats no issue. I scan the pictures anyway…

And…yes…the actual film gives a different feeling. The complete analogue experience can not be copied. But…is it close enough?


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