#142 Feeling free

I took a trip to the sea, the other day. I was away for work, and had som time to spare between assignments. I found this small harbour in the outer archipelago and parked the car.

I was completly alone in the harbour. Just me and the sea. The wind was blowing rather strong and slightly cool. A couple of meters out, there was this big rock just below the surface. It reminded me about when I was a kid and climbed slippery rocks like this.

The bladder wrack (what a cool name – the Swedish name for it is rather boring…) was riding the waves. Another memory from when I was young, playing by the sea.

A lone swan passed by the harbour. I cant help feeling free and happy in a place like this. The wind in my hair [whats left of it…] and the sound of the waves by my feet. I love the sea…