#155 Waking up

Spent a couple of days in Stockholm, just for fun. Had a camera in my bag this time (usually I have it in my hand or at least over my shoulder…). Took it out every now and then – but the main purpose of the trip was not photography this time…

I love a city in the early morning. Aspecially in the weekends – when most people still are asleep. This is probably due to the fact that I am not a ”big-city-person”. The big cities are often known for it’s pulse, shoppning, night clubs and so on. That can be fun, every now and then – but I can’t see my self living in a big city like Stockholm (well…it is at least the biggest city in Sweden…).

This saturday we went for a walk as the city woke up. People walking their dogs, people on the way to a train or people on their morning run. The main streets, which soon will fill upp with tourists still empty. Stores closed. Even most cafés were closed. We had to walk for a while before we could get a morning coffee…

I used a small camera I recently bought used; a Fujifilm X-E2s. This was a camera I bought just to try it out as an alternative for a X100. The X-E series (the recent version is no 4) is just as small as the X100-series, but support interchangable lenses. My version of the camera was released in 2016 and has a 16 MP sensor. I paired it with my XF35/1.4 lens, that I bought back in 2013. I must say that I really find this to be a nice combination. Very much camera for the money – I paid just over 200$ for it. Worth every penny…

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  1. Lovely morning shots, it’s not all about the mega megapixels 🙂

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    1. Per says:

      Thanks. I have this feeling that digital cameras became good enough for amateur photographers as myself back around 2015 or so. I don’t need more to enjoy photography…

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      1. I had a pretty basic Nikon D40 for a long while. I still managed to photograph what I wanted but it was more work and thought on how to achieve the result, like manually bracketing, which can all be done in camera now. It’s become easier but feels a bit like cheating 🙂

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      2. Per says:

        Know exactly what you mean. That is a big part of why I like the Leica M. It is much more up to the photographer…no cheating in camera there…

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