#237 Too easy?


Another beautiful day, another hike. Todays trip went to the castle of Bjärka Säby, south of Linköping. It may have been sunny – but it was pretty cold. It was a short hike – about 5 km – but we found a place we have to revisit when spring comes. As you know [if you have seen my earlier posts] I am a fan of oak trees. In Bjärka Säby we found some of the coolest oaks I have ever seen…

I packed the X-T2 and the 50-140 again today. A good companion of a hike. Almost too good perhaps? I do like the setup – but after shooting with it for a couple of days I have started to think again.

It is so easy. Point, zoom, set exposure, shoot. Point, zoom, set exposure, shoot. The pictures are nice. The camera and lens feels great to use. But then again…it’s too easy.

This is why I tend to leave the Fuji-setup at home and bring the Leica M instead. The Leica is a more challenging camera to use. I have to put more effort in the process of framing the picture. It is harder to nail the exposure. And the most important thing; I get home with less pictures – but there are often more ”keepers” among them. I also feel a little more proud of a picture shot with the Leica M compared to a shot from the X-T2.

Don’t get me wrong. Both cameras are really good. They just shine in different situations – for me. It may be completley different for you…