#22 I forgot to change the settings

Today I made the classic mistake – I forgot to change the settings in the camera. I usually change the settings to a ”standard setting” as I put the camera down – to avoid this from happening. Usually. Not always.

This was the way it was supposed to be. In color! The cherry trees are beautiful. I love this time of the year. Finally the colors are back…

The camera for the day was my Leica M240. Lately I have shot a lot with my Leica Q, and felt I had to go back to basic again. Both are great cameras, but I still think the M is number one.

Today I used my Zeiss 35/2,8 the most, but after using the Leica Q – with a 28/1,7 lens – I feel a need for shooting with my 50 mm lenses on the M. It has been a while since I used my Voigtländer Nokton 50/1,1. Let’s do it 😃.


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