#111 My gear in 2021


For me there is something so appealing about cameras. A box that catches light – thats all it is. But wow – what a magical box it is. I am not going to go into all the talk about that the camera doesn’t make the picture…and so on. That is of course true – but then again I am sure that most of us can feel inspired by having a camera that talks to us. A camera that tells us to shoot, as soon as we look at it. 

I have owned quite a few cameras, and I am sure there are some to come. At least I hope so. The thing is that I am starting to feel that the cameras can’t get so much better – at least not for me, and the way I am shooting. It is harder and harder to motivate the cost for a new camera when shooting as an amateur. It suppose it is different when you are a proffessional photographer. 

In 2021 I believe that I will stick to my Leica M cameras – the M4 and the M240. They give me the ultimate experience when I am out shooting. I use mainly 35mm lenses on both cameras; a Zeiss Biogon and a Summicron. One 50mm Zeiss Planar is on the shelf, in case I feel like a little longer lens. All three lenses are great.

The XT-2 will still be my ”fast camera” – even though it is not very fast compared to newer versions. Compared to my Leicas, The XT-2 is ultra fast. The Fujisystem holds a few more lenses, from 18mm to 150mm. It is the system I use for the few ”assignments” I get and when I shoot sports or landscapes.

In the years to come I can see me upgrading the XT-2 to an XT-4. The lenses will hold up fine. When it comes to the Leicas I can imagine that I will keep the M4 for a long long time…if not for ever. I have sold two film Leicas before – and both times regret it. I suppose that a used M10 will find it’s way to me sooner or later. Hopefully sooner…

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  1. I completely understand the non-compulsion to upgrade. Weirdly I generally crave to have the latest, but newer models seem to have only incremental improvements and the cost can not be justified. I am a generation behind with an Olympus EM1 II which I love and see absolutely no reason to upgrade to the mark III. Though I would love to try a Leica 😉

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